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Hearing & Balance

Get Effective Care for Hearing and Balance Problems

Experience Life More Fully

Dr. Kari Harsh is a licensed audiologist and fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. Her specialties include adult and pediatric hearing evaluation, hearing aid fitting, and balance evaluation. She takes pride in being well educated in the latest hearing aids.
Hearing Care

Aim For Better Balance

Dizziness and vertigo are two of the most common reasons for someone to visit a doctor. Symptoms can vary widely between each person, and there are many causes of vertigo. Proper evaluation can lead to improved management, outcomes, and quality of life. Our audiologist and team of healthcare professionals are committed to providing you with high quality care for your dizziness and imbalance.

Reconnect With Your World

Deciding to improve your hearing is important for overall health, and our audiologist is here to help you select the right options for your lifestyle and hearing ability. We provide follow-up care and a 30-day trial period to ensure you are adjusting well to your new sound environment. Come talk to us about enhancing your experience of life!

We are proud to use hearing aids from some of today's leading manufacturers, including Oticon, Starkey, Phonak, Unitron and Siemens. Visit their websites for more information.
Hearing Aid

Hearing And Balance Services

  • Hearing testing for adults and children
  • Hearing aid consultations, fittings, adjustments, and repairs
  • Dizziness and balance testing (VNG)
  • Newborn hearing screening (otoacoustic emissions)
  • Occupational hearing screening
  • Custom hearing protection
  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR)
  • Tinnitus evaluation
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